Looking back, part I


Visiting Malmö

Bread and Butter event

Bergau’s 31st birthday


Me and Johanna made a Berlin guide for Aftonbladet.

Went to Prague.

Bob and Hanna came visiting!


First sign of spring.

Went to markets.

Kept searching for an apartment.

Celebrating Erica’s and Patrik’s 30th in Sweden with a pension party. 



I turned 30 and had the perfect day. Plus I can’t even describe how happy I was for so many friends coming visiting. Thanks again! (Vickan you were deeply missed though.)

Worked at an agency in Kreuzberg, all the while it was t-shirt weather.

Put my flat in Malmö on the market.

Finally found an apartment.


May 1st was a massive party in Kreuzberg, a perfect summer day with happy people.

Went to Stockholm for work

Cheered for these awesome dudes who ran Göteborgsvarvet.


Beautiful Evelina and Shahab got married. 

Midsummer hosted by Johan and Frida was fantastic. Cold, but still great.

We hosted a small, spontaneous housewarming party once we finally moved in.

I was working in both Stockholm and Berlin

First six months were great in many ways, but also tough trying to find an apartment for 3 months, moving to a new country and searching for new clients and work since I went freelance in January – which I still think is perfect for my restless soul. Tomorrow I’ll give you part two which involves more weddings, a trip to Amsterdam and great work experiences.

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