the love of wood

This home situated north of Copenhagen has been designed and crafted by talented furniture carpenter/designer Laura Bergsøe. A dream come true for her, of course. She made the wooden table top of bubinga wood from Africa that has been drying for over 40 years. The beautiful lamp above the dining table is also her own design made of birch barch. I really like it.

Love that Wegner-chair, that is just like the owner describes it, beautiful, sculptural, good to do nothing in, and makes you happy just by looking at it. The small sideboard in bamboo is designed and crafted by Laura herself.

Simple and beautiful.

The exterior of the triangular house is made out of douglas fir treated with linseed and tar to give a beautiful glow and scent.
pics: Pernille Kaalund

Today I will stay at home with two sick little girls, and crafting is on the agenda next. I think we will start making Easter decorations already, as I got some really nice colorful feathers yesterday. We’ll see how it turns out. Have a great day everybody!


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