Folktales by Gold Dust Collective

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Minns inte hur jag hamnade hos Gold Dust Collective, men jag blev i alla fall kvar en längre stund då sidan innehöll så mycket av det jag tycker om. Särskilt inspirerad och glad blev jag över deras porträtt av en rad kreativa själar som lever och verkar kring Nevada City och Yuba river. Folktales är ett pågående bokprojekt som fotografen Kate Alves och stylisten Nikia Schwarz  (grundarna av Gold Dust Collective) beskriver såhär;
”After the Gold Rush of 1849, the natural and cultural landscape was changed forever. Since then the Yuba River canyons have continued to attract a hungry and spirited crowd, albeit in search of a different kind of gold. They are artists and musicians, farmers and midwives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, radicals and hermits, Buddhists and atheists, and everything else imaginable an unimaginable. They are each beloved integral pieces of the tapestry, even the ones who don’t want to be bothered. Change is inevitable, but to the extent that they are able to capture a lifestyle that has shown incredible perseverance over many decades, they intend to try. Their hope is to produce a living homage to Nevada City and the greater Yuba River Watershed community as well as to to illustrate how deeply a place informs its inhabitants.”


All photos by Kate Alves – via Gold Dust Collective.



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