seven flowers & midsummer in Scotland

Midsummer - oh what a joyful celebration. Last year we picked flowers, swam in the sea, drank way too much champagne and laughed too loud. And what a beautiful day it was. The truth is that I've never been good with holidays like Christmas and midsummer, they've always made me anxious. I think it all boils down to there being so many expectations that it should be this fantastic day. And sometimes, it just isn't. As I've grown…

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Heading to the beach

On Monday the sun was shining and the warm air was lingering so we decided to head to the loch for a swim. With my amazing Pure Pam bath towel packed in my bag, I managed to pick some of these lovely wildflowers that had to come with me back home. A lovely start to the week. Now getting ready for tomorrow's Midsummer celebration. As always, do press the little heart if you like this post – it…

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Friday tunes

My friends, it's Friday, I'm drinking coffee and listening to this wonderful playlist. One to have coffee to or an apéritif in the sun this afternoon - I know I'll be having both.   As always, do press the little heart if you like this post – it brings me so much joy to know that you are reading and liking what I’m writing.

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Then came the last days of May

I recently got yet another cancellation email, giving me the devastating news that my flights back home to Sweden were yet, again, cancelled. I received it with such sadness, having looked forward to seeing my family and friends so very much. Being able to go back home doesn't just fill me with an immense amount of happiness, it also gives me so much inspiration. So it got me thinking that the past years have been years of learning…

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California stars

Yesterday was spent in the garden, watering plants, reading, drinking lemonade, potting all my 50 Dahlias and listening to California Stars on repeat. As life starting to slovely going back to some normality I decided to book my flights back to Gothenburg in June. It'll be such a joy to hug my mum after nearly 2 years apart. Oh how I love this beautiful tree in one of our gardens. And don't forget to listen to this amazing…

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creating your own narrative

This yellow room. Oh this yellow room. It has been sad to see it go, but a piece of me still cannot part with it. Indeed, creating a home is a long and rambling process. I think, as a way of coming back to ourselves. Creating my home has taken its inspiration from my multicultural background, and the antique (sometimes just old) pieces dotted around Italian tiled kitchens, Swedish wooden living rooms and French stone floored hallways. Passed…

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Renovation updates – the bedroom edition

  After some exciting news the other day, we found ourselves in a bit of a rush to get all the last bits and bobs done with the house. However, when I say bits and bobs I mean everything that we've thought to ourselves "ohhh well, let's just take our time sanding the floors, removing the last carpet, restoring the old floorboards". So when we actually sat down and wrote everything that needed to be done, the list…

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I've been feeling so unmotivated-motivated recently. Like I have one hundred thousands things I would like to do, but somehow every time I try to tackle something on my list I feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. It's not just the case of trying to tackle the big to-do list, but I've also felt very unmotivated-motivated when it comes to inspiration and creativity. Mostly, the fear of being mediocre, producing uninspiring work, and as a result I…

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Wild Mountain Thyme

  On Monday, after some coffee, we packed our bags and headed to Perthshire for a little retreat, staying in a converted horsebox (japp ett hästsläp!) situated in the forest. We spent our days walking, sitting by the fire and eating lots of nice locally sourced food. Even though this past year has been rather lonely in terms of not being able to see friends and family, it was so beautiful and needed to be enriched by nature.…

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Spring daze

April weather in Scotland is always a hit and miss - you'll never know what you'll get. But the past weeks have been warm and almost, ALMOST felt like summer. So yesterday I took the afternoon off, after having bought some freshly made lemonade and beautiful flowers I walked up into the field at the back of the house. Installed myself amongst the long grass, read my favourite book Breasts and Eggs and listened to a beautiful playlist…

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